She is April, I’m June

As the time comes, your glances

shows me the love…

I feel it was pretty April

Shining through tears

like April Sun in Showers

The air soft


that of Seville,

It was delicious to breathe it

As she promise me to fill the cup in

the fire of Spring…

And I assure you to, signed a

promissory note in June,

Spring being a tough act for me to


So God created june

If ever there were a spring day so

so uplifted by a warm intermittent


Come and let us

seek together Springtime lore of


Giving to the golden weather I could

not be so sure of Spring

Come with me, and

Save that sings with me in June….



Β© Aman Kumar 2018

All Rights Reserved


  1. I can’t mention this name but his name’s meaning is the SUN.

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